1. Things That Shouldn't Talk But Do (YAAD033)
    Ozark Soundscape

  2. Winter EP (YAAD032)
    Ozark Soundscape

  3. Work Out! (YAAD031)
    MJ, Esq.

  4. My Five Year Plan is to Be Happy (YAAD30)
    Sam Myers

  5. Audens Raign / Ozark Soundscape (YAAD028)
    Audens Raign / Ozark Soundscape

  6. i'm over it now (YAAD027)
    Audens Raign

  7. Ozark Soundscape / Succubus Station (YAAD026)
    Ozark Soundscape / Succubus Station

  8. Star Map EP (YAAD025)
    Nevhar Anhar / Lost Trail

  9. イソシギ E.P (YAAD024)
    Proud Father

  10. I Went on Vacation EP (YAAD023)
    Ozark Soundscape

  11. Post Teen Drama (YAAD022)
    Bad Kids To The Front

  12. Welcome to the planet, dear. (YAAD021)

  13. Going to the Pet Store and Other Mundane Activities (YAAD020)
    Ozark Soundscape

  14. Instructional Live Demonstrations (YAAD019)
    Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra

  15. dreams (YAAD018)
    blue meanie

  16. Cen Coallage (YAAD017)
    Nevhar Anhar

  17. Broken Headstones EP (YAAD016)
    Lost Trail

  18. Karma & Charisma As Preached By Calliope (YAAD015)
    Chewbacca And The Chekhovs

    Hairspray Heart

  20. Dunk Masta Funk (YAAD013)

  21. Friendly Unicorn Campground Kingdom (YAAD012)
    Panda Circus

  22. hella gnar gnar! (YAAD011)

  23. Get Maid: The Cook And Maid Spring Compilation (YAAD010)
    Cook And Maid House

  24. 100,000 VISITOR (YAAD009)

  25. Acosta Nation: Compilation For Hermes Acosta (YAAD008)

  26. My Jewish Cousin EP (YAAD007)
    Chewbacca And The Chekhovs

  27. sorry (YAAD006)
    Mormon Toasterhead

  28. The Greatest Noise Album Ever Written [citation needed] (YAAD005)
    Breakdancing Ronald Regan

  29. Hunted Through Gray and Barren Hills (YAAD003)
    Lost Trail

  30. Big Fun 7" (YAAD002)
    Going To Hell In A Leather Jacket

  31. 10hz Zemplar MET (YAAD001)
    Theo's Mystic Robot Orchestra


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